kb-sharer - Simplified sharing of PGP messages

I like experimenting with new technologies and languages.

I'm playing around with node.js and (Iced) CoffeeScript at the moment.
And because it's always good to built something useful I've created kb-sharer. That's a node.js commandline tool which simplifies the sharing of messages encrypted by the keybase.io CLI.

It uses the piped output of the keybase tool and uploads the messages either to pastebin or GitHub Gist and copies the link into your clipboard.


[sudo] npm install -g kb-sharer


keybase encrypt maximilian -s -m 'some missile launch codes...' | kb-sharer gist  

(Hint: Before you can actually use kb-sharer you have to setup some api-keys and access tokens (depends on the service you would like to use), read more here)